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Go for Sisters

Here’s the thing about John Sayles From his debut feature 1980’s Return of the Secaucus Seven through the satire of The Brother From Another Planet the labor troubles of Matewan the baseball scandal of Eight Men Out the political treachery of City of Hope the painful intimacy of Passion Fish… Source: Rollingstone Movie Reviews

The Motel Life

Life’s a relentless ass-kick for the Flannigan brothers Jerry Lee (Stephen Dorff) and younger sibling Frank (Emile Hirsch) Dorff and Hirsch by the way are outstanding engaged and enthralling These lost boys saw their mother waste away from cancer and the only memory of runaway dad is a gold-plated rifle… Source: Rollingstone Movie Reviews

Bad Grandpa

It’s not really a movie It’s Johnny Knoxville 42 and his Jackass crew faking out real people into believing he’s 86-year-old Irving Zisman an old fart bag traveling cross-country to deliver his eight-year-old grandson Billy (the up-for-anything Jackson Nicoll) to his father Mom’s in jail for being a crack whore… Source: Rollingstone Movie Reviews

Blue Is the Warmest Color

This ardent and affecting French love story now unfairly categorized as “that three-hour lesbian movie” hits wide release after taking home the top prize at the Cannes Film Festival Sparks will fly And not just for the explicit girl-on-girl action that takes up only a small percentage of its running… Source: Rollingstone Movie Reviews

The Counselor

When an indisputably great author like Cormac McCarthy (Blood Meridian The Road) writes his first original screenplay attention must be paid When that screenplay turns out to be as clunky as The Counselor “forgive and forget” are the words that come to mind Pulitzer Prize winner McCarthy 80 has earned… Source: Rollingstone Movie Reviews

Kill Your Darlings

Sex lies betrayal and murder set among the gods of the Beat Generation That’s Kill Your Darlings a dark beauty of a film that gets inside your head and stays there Daniel Radcliffe erasing all memories of Harry Potter delivers his best screen performance to date as the young poet… Source: Rollingstone Movie Reviews